Thoughts from Pastor Mike

by Mike Norton 


I’m sure everyone at Friendship Church is troubled by the evident currents of racism, police violence, and destructive protests. As am I. Rather than be reactionary or risk over-simplifying these weighty matters - I have taken a season to reflect and counsel with others on my response so the church can know my thinking.  


I have profound sympathy for the people who are suffering pain as the result of another’s sin - not the least of those sins is racism. Racism is unholy and a violation of the Divine worth vested in every person. The sin of racism is a stain on the character of any person.  Now is the time to let God search our own lives - our attitudes, actions, or words about others.  Fortunately, the Christian life is meant to deliver forgiveness, reformation, and healing to every person. I believe that the message and work of Jesus are the solution for us and our hurting world.


I appeal to everyone: 


  • Turn to Christ Jesus who will save us from our sins
  • Yield to the reformation His Holy Spirit will conduct in our lives
  • Be bold in your love for neighbor, and your witness to God’s peace


Let’s join in prayer that the peace Jesus brings to our hearts may soon be the peace that replaces so much pain and strife in our world. 


Join me at Friendship Church in the journey to become the people and the society that embody God’s mercy and justice as we look for ways to engage in partnerships that allow us to build relationships and become part of making change.