Friendship Kids

Friendship Kids is a place for kids where the Bible is never boring, learning about Jesus is fun, and good leaders always care. It's a place where the truth sticks, where kids celebrate who God is, and where great friendships are formed.


Nursery through 5th grade |10:00 am




Where do I start?
What's next after I drop them off?
What happens in the Friendship Kids classes?
What do I do once service ends?
Friendship Kids

Partnering with Families

We strive to partner with parents because we believe what happens at home is more important—more consistent, more lasting, more influential in the life of a child—than what happens at church.  Check out our Family eXperiences here!

New to Friendship Kids?

Arrive a few minutes before the service starts and head to the check-in kiosk. We'll help you register for Friendship Kids, answer any questions, and walk you to the classroom!

A Safe Environment

We place your child's safety as a top priority through volunteer screening, a Safety Team presence, and a computerized check-in system

Get Involved!

Volunteers are the heart of our ministry.

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