Between Here and There

By Pastor Mike


At Friendship we promote involvement in our short term mission projects.  Here’s one of the reasons why: 


Luke 17 tells of how men who were afflicted with leprosy cried out to Jesus for help.  Jesus’ simple response was, “Go show yourselves to the priests.”  At first it must have seemed like a pointless scavenger hunt – but they went. 


Then something wonderful happened – as they went, they were cleansed!  These men were believers. They called Him “Jesus Master".  They prayed for His involvement in their situation.  But the miracle began to happen only when they acted in obedience and went from here to there as He asked.


We can believe Jesus cares when hurricane victims need help, or Guatemalan children need vacation Bible school, or the mountain villages need churches.  We are certain someone should do something.  We have subtle, measured ways to get involved but our experience is that ‘miracles’ begin to happen when we go from here to there.


The experience of combining with other believers, partnering together to do some good in God’s name, stepping out of our comfort zone, representing Jesus everywhere we go, and actually meeting the person who is on the other side of our Christian giving – will impact our life deeply.


It’s what happens when we go between here and there.


We have multiple opportunities for local outreach, regional, and international missions.  They are all opportunities to experience what happens when you go between here and there.  Make your commitment to go on a short term mission this year!  


Pastor Mike

Lead Pastor, Friendship Church