Pastoral Transition 2023

There will be a Pastoral Transition at Friendship Church in 2023. 


Friendship Membership voted to affirm Scott Petersen as Lead Pastor on April 23.

The membership of Friendship Church voted to affirm Scott Petersen as Lead Pastor on April 23. Scott will assume the role of Lead Pastor on July 30, 2023. In the interim, Pastor Mike will continue coaching and planning with Pastor Scott, until he transitions his role on July 30.  This process was developed well in advance of this transition, with a goal for Friendship to be an even stronger church in the future. Pastor Mike will remain on the church staff in the future, where he will devote more time to specific ministries.


Friendship Church is looking for ministry-focused, Christ-centered individual to assume the role of Next Gen Pastor.

Letter from Lead Pastor, Mike Norton

Letter from the Drive Team

How Can I participate in this Transition?


Stay informed and engage in this transition process. This webpage will be updated regularly. Also, please reach out to leadership with any questions you may have. 


Respect the past and focus on the future. Remember the many ways God has blessed Friendship Church over the years and look forward to a future in which God is equally at work in our church.


Prayer isn't the least we can do- it is the most important thing we can do.   

Have Questions?


Do you have questions about this transition that were not answered? Contact a member of the Drive Team for answers. 


Have questions about this transition? Here are some of the answers:

Was this a sudden decision?
Will the Lead Pastor’s responsibilities and job description changes?
The search has begun in the hiring for new staff?
Who will handle the vacated roles and responsibilities in the interim?
What is Mike’s future role going to be?
When will all this take place?
Are there plans to honor the Norton’s for their contributions to Friendship Church?
How does Pastoral transition work?
What can the congregation do to support Friendship Church during the pastoral transition?