Thoughts from Pastor Mike on Ash Wednesday

By Pastor Mike

Today is "Ash Wednesday" in the Church calendar.  It is 40 days (less the Sundays) to Easter on April 21.

Easter is our celebration of the Resurrection Life - life overcoming death!

I want to make the most of Easter this year. I want to remember, and celebrate, and participate in the victorious life Jesus brings. This 40 day lead-up to Easter that we call "Lent" is a time focus in, double down, and take to heart in what we have learned and believed about the Life Jesus offers. The process starts with confession and repentance. The spiritual people of old would sometimes repent "in dust and ashes."  It is our confession of how we have fallen short.  It is our humility to recognize we deeply, deeply need God's grace.  From that Godly confession we vow to make a change:  to put God first in an obvious way (fast, pray, worship, serve..),  to act in obedience to, to forgive when offended, to love an enemy, to be generous to the poor, or whatever God has asked you to do. 

If we do this over these next 40 days, it will lead us to tip-toe-excitement that the Resurrection Life of Jesus is in us too!