The "Good" in Friday

By Pastor Mike

The Christians’ Holy week is punctuated on Friday by the morbid drama of the beloved teacher and healer. He is arrested, accused, slandered, judged, rejected, tortured, dead and buried.  The injustice and pain of it causes to us to reflex in grief.  The closer look at the person in center of this conflict finds Him resolute, courageous, confident and strong.  Acceptance of His destiny and obedience to His Father’s will are a deep strength allowing Him to make His defining act of love for us.  

A friend of mine, Jim, once said, ”Has anyone else died for you lately?”  The good in Friday is that Jesus is uniquely qualified and was fully able to take our place of judgement.  The anger God had for us because of our sin, and the punishment that was rightly due to us – was put on Him for our good, so we could be acquitted of our crimes and forgiven and restored in loving relationship to God.

It was a Good Friday after all.