Covid Response & In-Person Policy Update (10/16/2020)

UPDATE: Friendship Church’s Covid response and in-person ministry policy 

Our church has a Covid/Reopening Task force consisting of staff, ministry leaders, and others representing a range of demographics. We have not focused our work on determining which information source or projections are most valid. Our goal has been to help facilitate the most effective ministry of Friendship Church to its members and the community. Our policy is our own. It is not put upon us by any particular government or health entity. 

Our present policy: Beginning Sunday, October 4 our building was reopened for in-person meetings. We asked that, out of an abundance of caution and concern for others, everyone wear face coverings while in the building and maintain social distance. This is likely the most restrictive level of the path before us, and temporary, so we invite everyone to participate in person on Sunday and to carefully cooperate with this policy.  We are aware how this situation requires courage on some people’s part and kindness on others’ part. Online versions of our Sunday services will remain available for not ready to return in person and those who are ill or especially at-risk.

Our next step: Beginning Sunday, November 1 we will move to two Sunday services -- we will continue to have a “mask mandatory” service at 9:00 am, AND we will be adding a “mask optional” service at 10:45 am.  For the mask optional service, we request masks still be worn in common areas (lobby, restrooms, classrooms...) and the mask will be optional only when at your seat. 

Other Covid-related information: 

  • We have begun operating our HVAC systems continuously to increase the fresh air exchange in the building.
  • Children’s ministry is beginning on a limited basis and will be adjusting to the needs of our families each week. 
  • We invite your prayerful support and physical presence for Friendship Church. This is a critical time to express your love and commitment to others in our congregation.
  • If you have input for the Covid/Reopening task force please contact Scott Petersen.

Mike Norton

Lead Pastor, Friendship Church