We believe God is going to use the 21 Days of Hope to both bring hope to you and bring hope through you! It’s going to grow your faith and show others see the difference God can make in their life.

Here’s how the 21 Days of Hope works. Text the word Hope to 734-548-9446. You’ll see the number and an example on the screen. You’ll get a response with a link to a simple form to fill out. It takes less than 60 seconds and you’re all set.

Once you’re in, you will receive a daily email from Pastor Mike as well as a few text messages throughout the week. Each step along the way will include the following:

Either a "Hope To You" or a "Hope Through You" action step.
A theme: Devotional, Share Your Faith Story, Social, Generosity, Minister
And a difficulty rating of that step

Each day the goals are designed to help you and others experience God’s love in some way. Some things will involve your social media or texting and others involve sharing your faith story. The idea over the next 3 weeks is to help your friends, family and acquaintances see how amazing God is!